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Olympus Voice Recorder WS-813

Key Features

8GB memory plus microSD card slot

FM Radio Tuner & Recorder

Voice activated recording

Built-in stereo microphones

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Olympus Voice Recorder WS-813 - Overview


Its design and engineering make the WS range a consummate blend of versatility and functionality, conceived to get the job done no matter whether you’re working or playing. At a single glance, it already gets a clear thumbs up - impressing with an ultra-slim body, lightweight build and super-stylish finish. But there is so much more hidden away inside: all WS recorders include music player, calendar search, Scene Select, Index Marks as well as the Noise Cancel feature and offer excellent high-sensitivity stereo sound quality for recording personal notes, meetings or conversations. The WS-813 is packed with powerful functionality - like Zoom Microphone Technology and includes Voice Playback as an extended voice filter skipping non-voice parts, Voice Balancer, Voice Changer and Noise Cancel. It also has an incredible 8GB memory, a linear PCM recording mode that enables CD-quality sound, a manual recording level, integrated music player and FM radio, to name just some highlights of many. It also has easily as much memory capacity as you will ever need (more than 2000 hours) plus a super handy integrated USB stick to keep life extra-easy.

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  • Recording formats: WMA, MP3 and PCM (WS-811 without PCM)
  • microSD Card slot for external memory of up to 32GB
  • Direct USB connection / USB stick functionality
  • High quality stereo microphone
  • Range adjustable Zoom Microphone function (WS-813)
  • High S/N ratio
  • Voice Balancer automatically balances out sound levels of voices
  • (WS-812 & WS-813)
  • Voice Filter (WS-811)
  • Low-cut filter (rec.) and noise cancel playback function
  • Manual recording level setting (WS-813 and WS-812)
  • Scene select
  • Calendar Search function
  • Voice Playback function to play back only the parts with voices
  • Voice Changer function (WS-812 & WS-813)
  • Voice activated recording mode for hands-free use (VCVA)
  • Voice sync function
  • Fast playback speed (3.5x for WS-812 & WS-813 / 2x for WS-811)
  • File Move function (WS-812 & WS-813)
  • mp3/WMA music player
  • FM radio (WS-813)
  • Up to 99 index marks
  • 5 folders for file storage, 200 messages per folder
  • Large backlight LCD
  • Long battery life: Up to 27 hours (with 1 AAA-type alkaline battery in LP mode)
  • Internal battery charge function (WS-812 & WS-813)
  • Delivered with AAA-type Ni-MH battery (WS-812 & WS-813) / AAA-type alkaline battery (WS-811), canal type stereo earphone (WS-813) / stereo earphone (WS-812), silicone case (WS-813), USB extension cable (WS-813)
  • “Dragon Naturally Speaking 11 - Recorder Edition” bundle available with WS-811
  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 100.2 x 40 x 14.8mm
  • Weight: 57g (incl. battery)