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XBOX 360 Tron: Evolution

Key Features

Bridges the gap between TRON and TRON

Features the voice and likeness of actress Olivia Wilde as Quorra

Provides an epic adventure across a massive digital world

Enjoy dazzling CG animations that immerse you in the action

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XBOX 360 Tron: Evolution - Overview

More than two decades ago, Kevin Flynn encountered the thrilling digital world of TRON. As his son, Sam, prepares to take his own first steps into this dazzling and deadly cyber universe in the sequel to the classic film, it's time for you to explore TRON in a new way. Step into this compelling technological realm for an epic new adventure that deepens your conception of the TRON mythology and exposes you to all the thrills this vast digital universe has to offer. Return to an iconic digital world rendered with new scope and style in TRON: Evolution. Set in the period between the classic film TRON and the sequel, TRON: Legacy, TRON: Evolution ensnares you in an epic new adventure that offers exciting insights into the TRON mythology. Experience the thrill of advanced light cycles and the fast-paced intensity of disc-based combat in a richly imagined world that comes alive with eye-popping 3D and exciting CG animations.